Der fall offenbart: das Phantom von Escort Heilbronn

das element

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Die episode der letzten woche:
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das element

Инфос zoom Студиум an der hochschule Escort Heilbronn UND Das Лебен der Студентенштадт.
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21 Gedanken zu „Der fall offenbart: das Phantom von Escort Heilbronn

  1. 19:19 In 2007 when I was 17 (and still living in the UK, I was walking home from work just after midnight with my earphones in and my hands in my pockets, as I always did. I didn´t realise the danger until I felt an arm around my whole body and a hand over my mouth. I think awareness is very important.

  2. I have a feeling that all of the swabs that didn't show a mixed profile, most likely didn't have any DNA from the crime scene. Sometimes when they swab things at a crime scene, it ends up not having any DNA on it. Hence, if they swabbed at a crime scene, and didn't pick up any DNA from that, all that would be there would be the employee's DNA. (if that makes sense)

  3. Hey, I am a big fan! You do great work! Would you consider doing one on Kenneka Jenkins/Martin? I would love to give you some information I have gathered from all over the place and the stuff that the Crown Plaza and the PSO of Rosemont in Chicago, Illinois, put out for the public to view, on a .com website not a government site. They are know to be corrupt and nepotism runs wide in the town, all the way from the Mayor, to the Chief of Police and the owners of Crown Plaza (CP being very, very good friends with the people that run the town not relatives like the rest of the town). The town has been ran by the same family for a 100 years or so. It’s all very odd. Please take a look and ask any questions anytime!

  4. I don't think it's very smart to have a database with all the employees dna to "automatically rule it out"… one of the workers could actually commit a crime then be ruled out just because they work there if their DNA is found.

  5. I don't understand because I don't think like a criminal, but WHY do people keep clothes with blood on it?? I'm glad they do so they can get caught but why in the world would you do that…??

  6. I think the Phantom is someone that works in a forensic lab and there is cross contamination.. dna testing is getting so good you'll be able to get a profile of the person that made/packaged whatever the object is

  7. Hi John, it is so great to see a case from Germany covered! I live here and I find it really hard to find information online about missing people/unsolved crimes etc. But I'd love to research these things, considering there are many crime channels on YouTube that focus on missing people from the US or England or other english-speaking countries. Do you know, by any chance, why it is so hard to find information about these things in Germany? Are there different laws, or am I just being an incompetent researcher? If anyone knows about that, I'd highly appreciate an answer. Keep up the great work!

  8. Hey John, I immediately knew this was contamination !There was an episode of CSI that ran with this touch DNA contamination theory but I'm shocked to see it IRL.

    Did a masters in Forensic Science in 2016 but haven't practised since.What I can say is a mixed sample should be present and I'm not sure why this wasn't the case.I suppose because there were no matches on the database for the "questioned" samples I.e. no reference profiles for comparison so they omitted the unknown DNA.

    Love .love .love that quote.The presence of DNA is nothing without circumstantial evidence to back it up.Unfortunately folks get so riled up when you blurt out match probabilities and talk about trace samples while giving your expert opinion that they don't consider the possibility of innocent transfer .

  9. Regarding your overview of last week's comments: I find it unrealistic to say that women shouldn't have to learn self defense because men shouldn't attack women. The average person does not teach their son to rape or kill. That is not a common thing. However, bad people exist. I will definitely have my gun to be prepared for those bad people who are out there. You can't expect every single person to obey the law. That's like saying we shouldn't have to lock our doors because people shouldn't rob houses. That's not reality.

  10. While a good DNA sample does make for a very reliable comparison, real-world crime scene evidence may have several people's DNA mixed together. The analysis becomes not a case of "matching barcodes" but of deciding whether any one of the numerous and disjointed "barcode fragments" seem to fit the original. In many cases, a judgment call. Look inti research by Itiel Dror

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